treverHave you ever been sitting on the porch, admiring your beautiful green lawn just to find a patch of something that just doesn’t seem right? You can’t believe your eyes, but it is undeniably true. You have been invaded by weeds.

The old adage “The best defense is a good offense” couldn’t be more true than when you are battling weeds. Weeds are the inevitable enemy and will take over your yard if nothing is done to stop them. A single weed can be capable of dropping hundreds or thousands of seeds, lasting for decades, waiting for the right conditions to take root. Pre-emergent herbicides are chemicals that prevent the germinating weeds from establishing in your yard without doing any harm to the surrounding established plants. These herbicides control weeds by inhibiting cell division in the young root system. 

We pride ourselves in controlling and preventing weeds.  This practice entails applying the right product at the right time to control target weeds.  Weed control – combined with regular fertilization, proper mowing and correct watering practices – will keep the grass thriving while the weeds disappear.

Weed control programs may involve both pre-emergent and post-emergent applications to prevent spring weed emergence and in the summer to control pervasive weeds. Contact treatments are made at peak germination periods of broadleaf weeds. The control product must contact the plant’s leaf surface to be effective.

Weed control products used by Tride and True are tested and approved by the EPA Environmental Protection Agency and are applied by licensed, trained professionals. Tride and True’s equipment is calibrated to apply the proper amount of product to eliminate weeds. To improve performance, keep children and pets off the lawn until it is dry.

PRE-EMERGENT – Pre-emergent means simply ‘before emerging’ and refers to a product used to stop weeds from growing before they grow. . This water-based application is sprayed over dirt, landscaped rock or lawn areas to control the growth of broadleaf annual weeds. This material stops seeds from germinating, thus stopping weeds before they start. Since pre-emergent only affect seeds it can usually be sprayed over existing plants without affecting them. According to manufacturer’s labels, pre-emergent prevention last from 6 to 8 months. 

POST-EMERGENT – This liquid application is sprayed directly on unwanted weeds to kill them. The systemic material is absorbed through the leaf or skin of the plant and is drawn into the root to insure the death of the weed. This application can be used for dirt, rock landscape and lawns alike. In lawns, selective post-emergent are used to kill the broad-leaf weeds but leave the wanted grasses unharmed.

One of the main goals of lawn care is to protect again weed infiltrations. Three of the most common lawn weeds are: crabgrass, dandelions, and white and green clover. These weeds steal resources and nutrients meant for your lawn and can expand rapidly.  One dandelion weed can produce up to 15,000 seeds, which can spread and take over a lawn in no time.

The biggest defense against weed infiltration is to grow your lawn as healthy and thick as possible. Growing a thick and dense lawn chokes out the room that weeds need to grow and take root. As part of keeping your yard healthy, it is important to make sure you fertilize regularly as well as maintain good amounts of water in the soil. Dried-out soil can make it easier for weeds to take root. Most yards need at least an inch of water per week to maintain healthy levels.

Here are some of the weed control services that Tride and True provides:

  • Noxious weed control: County weed control boards require homeowners to treat for noxious weeds. Tride and True provides this service for residential and commercial customers.
  • Lawn weed control: Keep your lawn healthy and green and prevent common lawn weeds like crabgrass and dandelions from taking over.
  • Shrub bed weed control: Unsightly weeds in your ornamental shrub and flower beds are controlled with our season long program. An initiation of pre-emergent treatment with carefully timed follow-up treatments will keep your shrub beds weed-free all season.
  • Bare ground weed control: Create fire safety around out buildings with bare ground weed control services. Commercial and residential applications are available, so call a Tride and True representative to map out a program that fits your needs.
  • Public utilities, parks and schools: Specialty lawn weeds control applications for government and county agencies.

The use of chemicals, along with fertilizer and standard lawn care can help to prevent weeds from appearing or spreading. Pre-emergence, post-emergence or a weed and feed solution can all be helpful.