Because of the warm climate, here in Arizona insects and other pests can be a real problem. This is especially true here in Phoenix where insects and people often meet and are forced to live in close proximity to one another. Some of the insects are dangerous and without proper pest control and extermination practices, they can get out of hand a pose a threat to your residents. Here at Tride and True Phoenix Pest Control we pride ourselves on providing service that is unbeatable. We know how important it is to keep your residents and their homes pest free and safe. In order to best serve our Arizona HOA customers we proudly offer a variety of services including:

Exterior/Interior Extermination Services: A major part of proper control is having a professional treat the exterior of a building to put up a barrier that deters insects.

Below is a list of the exterior and interior services that we proudly offer to help protect your residents:

  • Foundation and perimeter wall power spray
  • Granulation treatment of any areas high is moisture content (sprinkler areas etc.)
  • Baiting and treatment of targeted insects (ants, termites, spiders etc.)
  • Treatment of all publicly used areas such as dumpsters, clubhouses, restrooms play and recreation areas (especially those used by children).
  • Condo owners common areas

We pride ourselves in giving the Phoenix area the best extermination services available. Our professional staff will do their best to guarantee you complete satisfaction. Customer Service is our highest priority so we proudly offer the following services to all of our HOA customers:

  • Detailed reports of each maintenance visit
  • 30 day treatment guarantee as well as 24/7 emergency dispatch service
  • Professional insect inspection and identification (includes problem areas)
  • We also offer complete computerized records and billing