When guests check into Arizona hotels, they expect rooms free of pests. Gracious hospitality does not include pests. Clean hotels do mean facilities that use commercial Tride and True Phoenix Pest Control for the extermination any pest that shouldn’t be part of the overnight stay experience.

Keeping pests away is not a one-time extermination project of a professional pest control company that specializes in commercial structures. Pest control is an ongoing problem that needs continuing management from Tride and True Phoenix Pest Control. A good management plan uses a variety of inspection and treatment methods.

Pest Control Management includes the following:

  • A plan formulated with the client in mind. Taken into consideration are type of pests that are presenting a problem, how bad the infestation may be, type of buildings, where the pests are hiding and more.
  • The latest in technological advances for locating and for the extermination of pests, especially bed bug infestations in Arizona.
  • A certification for the Enviro heat treatment.
  • Quick response time for pest outbreaks to deal with the problem effectively and efficiently.

Hospitality means controlling all pests.

A good management program includes methods to manage or eliminate a wide variety of pests.

  • Finding bee nests and eliminating bee infestations. This is a big safety issue and takes a professional who knows how to deal with the bees without injury to self or guests.
  • Bird populations around hotels need to be managed.
  • Flies are irritants. They along with scorpions, termites, fleas, bed bugs and ticks all need to be eliminated from the property.
  • Rodents need to be removed from inside and from around the facility.
  • Weeds are also pests and hide rodents, insects, snakes and more. These need to be managed for the safety and comfort of the guests.