Cleanliness is a key factor for good care in a hospital and in assisted living facilities. The problem with keeping an Arizona hospital or assisted living clean is pest control. Pests, such as mice and other rodents, like to sneak into buildings and make themselves at home. Professional pest control eliminates pests, keeping health care facilities clean and safe.

Tride and True Phoenix Pest Control understands the need for cleanliness in facilities that house those with compromised health systems or who are elderly. Tride and True Phoenix Pest Control offers the best in pest control services for seniors in assisted living centers and those who are being treated for a variety of illnesses in a hospital.

Extermination of pests is the goal of Tride and True Phoenix Pest Control, both inside and outside the health care facilities. The professional business employees have the training and experience and know how to do a proper and safe extermination of any pests seeking to make health care facilities their home. The treatments are guaranteed.

Treatment is important and varies depending upon the pests targeted.

What we do outside:

  • Dumpsters for trash is treated to repel pests.
  • Loading docks, entryways and other possible entry sites are also treated to keep pests out.
  • Walls are power sprayed as is the entire base of the buildings.
  • High moisture areas are treated with granules.
  • Insects, such as ants, roaches, crickets and more, are eliminated with bait treatments they eat, take to their colonies and die.

What we do inside:

  • The control of pests takes a regular management schedule that seeks out pests in every nook, cranny and crack.
  • Storage areas are kept free of pests as are patient rooms in medical facilities and living areas in senior facilities.
  • Plumbing areas are also checked and dusted to keep them pest-free.
  • Food areas are checked and treated as needed with food-safe methods.