Tride and True Phoenix Pest Control offer their clients the extermination of unwanted bugs and other insects. Despite the large number of Phoenix pest control companies, finding one that offers professional service is an absolute necessity. Without the necessary skill, many companies will leave you and your family with a never ending bug problem. Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and along with the beautiful scenery comes a large number of pests that are known to be quite dangerous.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Client satisfaction is a top priority.
  • Each client requires a different level of service than the next.
  • Leaving no stone unturned is more than just a metaphor.
  • Total home service is offered at competitive prices.

Residential pest control requires a different level of service when compared with other applications. Making the safety of your family a priority has given some companies a long standing reputation in Phoenix pest control. The professional level of service that is so often sought after is more than a necessity in the extermination business. The desert is home to many critters that are hazardous to children and small animals making them unwanted.

Safety is More than a Slogan

  • Proper methods and procedures ensure safety of all family members susceptible to chemical extermination methods.
  • No area of the residence is left untreated.
  • Extermination service is guaranteed.

Servicing residential areas usually means that personalized service is a must. Utilizing specialized equipment and procedures will ensure that both interior and exterior areas remain pest free. Arizona has a high number of insects that are lethal which means that the job must be done right. Technology has given way to much safer methods that may have been used in the past, but regardless of the situation proper service will always need to be a priority.