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How to Control Ants

When the ants invade the kitchen – it’s not personal, they are just looking for food. Keeping all food in sealed containers and keeping all crumbs cleaned up is one way to start, however like many of us, we notice these pesky creatures after a long night that we left the dishes in the sink and they have seemed to colonize in the kitchen. Once they have taken up residency getting them out and keeping them out is a lot harder.

Tride and True Pest Control can help. Tride and True Pest Control will start with an odorless spray throughout the kitchen with setting bait in specific areas for the ants to carry back to the nest. Tride and True Pest Control also applies a thorough application around the entire outside foundation of the building, and treats any infested or high-risk interior areas.
• Open food left out is an invitation, so keeps any type of food closed and sealed (zip lock baggies work great for this).
• Keep an eye of for Ants they can also get into your dishwasher to find little bits of food that has been left of the dishes or stuck in the trap.
(If you run an empty load with bleach and water s can help).

Tride and True Pest Control Prides ourselves on our quality of work and customer satisfaction.
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How to Control Rats;

Repelling and removing rodents from your home can be a hassle. Rats are small, warm-blooded rodents that can be found almost everywhere in the world. Their large front teeth enable them to chew through almost anything, and they can be dangerous when they take up residence in your home because they carry diseases and parasites. Most rats will set up housekeeping in attics, basements, porches, under concrete and behind walls and they reproduce quickly.
Tride and True Pest control can help you eliminate these unwanted guests. Keep in mind when exterminating rats Tride and True Pest Control will to schedule an initial visit to assess the treatment plan, with usually, two additional treatments during a six week period, depending on the infestation of your home. Rodent bait and or snap traps will be used during the extermination process and Tride and True Pest Control will remove all rats found during time of extermination.
• Clean up debris around the house or anything standing up against the foundation.
• Remove any fruit from fruit trees.

Tride and true Pest Control Prides ourselves on our quality of work and customer satisfaction.
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How to Control Scorpions

In the Arizona Desert scorpion season starts as the weather gets warmer and our monsoon season starts. We have more than 56 species of scorpions- but the bark scorpion is the most common. Arizona is the bark scorpion’s territory, and they probably are around or maybe even inside your home. The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center and Banner Good Samaritan Poison & Drug Information Center answer thousands of calls every year about scorpion stings.
Scorpion stings are super painful but usually don’t require special medical treatment. Washing the sting area and using a cool compress along with Tylenol or ibuprofen can handle the injury. The pain and numbness can last several days. Sometimes a scorpion sting causes severe symptoms that require fast and expert medical care. Symptoms to look for are difficulty breathing, uncontrolled jerking, and drooling and wild eye movements. Small kids are the highest risk group for severe reactions. Each year there are about 200 kids in Arizona that need intensive medical treatment. A recent study by the Banner Good Samaritan Poison and Drug Information Center showed that 33% of scorpion stings happen in the bedroom, 24% in the living room, and 6% in bathroom.
What should you do in scorpion season? Here are some simple precautions:
• For infants: move the crib away from the wall, and take off any crib skirts that reach to the floor;
• Roll back bed linens and check for scorpions before getting into bed;
• Shake clothes and shoes before putting them on;
• Move furniture and beds away from the walls;
• Wear shoes when outdoors, especially at night around swimming pools; and
• Take the precaution and have your home sprayed by a professional Tride and True Pest Control

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How to control Ticks

It’s getting warm in Arizona and it’s time to watch your animals and homes for ticks. Tride and True Pest Control is here to help you and your furry friends with these pests.
How Ticks Find Their Hosts
Ticks find their hosts by detecting the breath and body odors of animals, or by sensing body heat, moisture, and vibrations. Some species can even recognize a shadow. In addition, ticks pick a place to wait by identifying well-used paths. Then they wait for a host, resting on the tips of grasses and shrubs. Ticks can’t fly or jump, but many tick species wait in a position known as “questing.”
While questing, ticks hold onto leaves and grass by their third and fourth pair of legs. They hold the first pair of legs outstretched, waiting to climb on to the host. When a host brushes the spot where a tick is waiting, it quickly climbs aboard. Some ticks will attach quickly and others will wander, looking for places like the ear, or other areas where the skin is thinner.
How Can Ticks Be Controlled?
The most effective strategy to control ticks is an integrated approach which includes:
browndogticks Using appropriate spot-on treatments, tick collars, sprays, or dips to control ticks on pets. Follow the label and your veterinarian’s instructions.
Tride and True Pest Control has a safe and effective pesticide for your home and yard to keep these little pests away.
• Remove tick habitats on your property, including leaf litter, brush, and yard clutter (boards, mattresses, old furniture, etc.).
• Community-based integrated tick management strategies can be an effective public health response to reduce the tick-borne illness. However, limiting exposure to ticks is presently the most effective method of prevention of tick-transmitted diseases.

By effectively using appropriate animal treatments and pesticides inside and out of your home, you will be tick free.
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