How to Control Ants

When the ants invade the kitchen – it’s not personal, they are just looking for food. Keeping all food in sealed containers and keeping all crumbs cleaned up is one way to start, however like many of us, we notice these pesky creatures after a long night that we left the dishes in the sink and they have seemed to colonize in the kitchen. Once they have taken up residency getting them out and keeping them out is a lot harder.

Tride and True Pest Control can help. Tride and True Pest Control will start with an odorless spray throughout the kitchen with setting bait in specific areas for the ants to carry back to the nest. Tride and True Pest Control also applies a thorough application around the entire outside foundation of the building, and treats any infested or high-risk interior areas.
• Open food left out is an invitation, so keeps any type of food closed and sealed (zip lock baggies work great for this).
• Keep an eye of for Ants they can also get into your dishwasher to find little bits of food that has been left of the dishes or stuck in the trap.
(If you run an empty load with bleach and water s can help).

Tride and True Pest Control Prides ourselves on our quality of work and customer satisfaction.
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